Władca Pierścieni: Powrót Króla ścieżka dźwiękowa 6xLP

Władca Pierścieni: Powrót Króla ścieżka dźwiękowa 6xLP

Data premiery: 21 września 2018

Sześć zielonych płyt winylowych ze ścieżką dźwiękową z filmu Władca Pierścieni: Powrót Króla.


  • 6xLP 180g
  • pudełko w kształcie książki
  • mapa Śródziemia
  • booklet

Ilość: 8000


Disc: 1
1. Roots And Beginnings
2. Journey To The Cross-roads
3. The Road To Isengard
4. The Foot Of Orthanc
5. Return To Edoras
6. The Chalice Passed
7. The Green Dragon [Featuring Billy Boyd And Dominic Monaghan]

Disc: 2
1. Gollum’s Villainy
2. Éowyn’s Dream
3. The Palantir
4. Flight From Edoras
5. The Grace of Undomiel [Featuring Renee Fleming]
6. The Eyes Of The White Tower

Disc: 3
1. A Coronal Of Silver And Gold
2. The Lighting Of The Beacons

Disc: 4
1. Osgiliath Invaded [Featuring Ben del Maestro]
2. The Stairs Of Cirith Ungol
3. Allegiance To Denethor
4. The Sacrifice Of Faramir [Featuring Billy Boyd Performing „The Edge Of Night”]

Disc: 5
1. The Parting Of Sam And Frodo
2. Marshalling At Dunharrow
3. Anduril – Flame Of The West
4. The Passing Of The Grey Company

Disc: 6
1. Dwimorberg – The Haunted Mountain
2. Master Meriadoc, Swordthain
3. The Paths Of The Dead
4. The Siege Of Gondor

Disc: 7
1. Shelob’s Lair
2. Merry’s Simple Courage
3. Grond – The Hammer Of The Underworld
4. Shelob The Great

Disc: 8
1. The Tomb Of The Stewards
2. The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields
3. The Pyre Of Denethor
4. The Mumakil
5. Dernhelm In Battle
6. „A Far Green Country”
7. Shieldmaiden Of Rohan

Disc: 9
1. The Passing Of Theoden
2. The Houses of Healing [Featuring Liv Tyler]
3. The Tower Of Cirith Ungol
4. The Last Debate [Featuring Sissel Performing „Asea Aranion”]
5. The Land Of Shadow

Disc: 10
1. The Mouth Of Sauron [Featuring Sir James Galway]
2. „For Frodo” [Featuring Ben del Maestro]
3. Mount Doom [Featuring Renee Fleming]
4. The Crack Of Doom
5. The Eagles [Featuring Renee Fleming]

Disc: 11
1. The Fellowship Reunited [Featuring Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen And Renee Fleming]
2. The Journey To The Grey Havens [Featuring Sir James Galway]

Disc: 12
1. Elanor [Featuring Sir James Galway]
2. Days of the Ring [Featuring Annie Lennox Performing „Into The West”]
3. Bilbo’s Song

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