Dying Light 2 ścieżka dźwiękowa 2xLP

Dying Light 2 ścieżka dźwiękowa 2xLP

Data premiery: 11 lutego 2022

Ścieżka dźwiękowa z gry Dying Light 2 wydana na czerwonym i czarnym winylu.

Wydawca: Black Screen Records

Kompozytor: Olivier Deriviere


A01. Run Jump Fight
A02. There Is Hope
A03. The Good Doctor
A04. It Begins
A05. Rushing
A06. The Survivors
A07. The Peace Keepers
A08. We Are Citizens

B01. Empowering Yourself
B02. The Bound
B03. Choice And Consequences
B04. Wandering In The Wastelands
B05. A Cursed Medicine
B06. The Last Parkour
B07. Monsters We

C01. Start
C02. The Renegades
C03. The Night Runners
C04. Up The Tower
C05. Urgency
C06. Be At Peace
C07. Inside Their Lair
C08. Mia

D01. The Mark
D02. Breath Of The City
D03. Up The Windmill
D04. The Joy Of Parkour
D05. Big Boy
D06. Surrounded By Infected
D07. The Warmongers
D08. The Mission

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