Belle Soundtrack 2xLP

Belle Soundtrack 2xLP

Data premiery: 19 sierpnia 2022

Wydana na dwóch różowo-niebieskich winylach ścieżka dźwiękowa z anime  Belle.

Wydawca: Sony Music Classical

Kompozytor: Mamoru Hosoda


A1. Whispers
A2. Slingshot
A3. Memories of a Sound
A4. Blunt Words
A5. Gales of Song
A6. Fleeting Days
A7. Swarms of Song
A8. Alle Psallite Cum Luya
A9. Fama Destinata
A10. Dragon
A11. Justin
A12. Unveil

B1. Digital Ripples
B2. Dragon’s Lair
B3. Lend Me Your Voice (draft)
B4. Social Warfare
B5. Assault
B6. Lend Me Your Voice
B7. #UnveilTheBeast
B8. Authority and Arrogance

C1. Scorching the Facade
C2. The Truth Obscured
C3. Lend Me Your Voice (humming)
C4. Distrust
C5. A Million Miles Away
C6. Pieces of the Puzzle
C7. Faces in the Rain

D1. Skies of Song
D2. A Million Miles Away (reprise)
D3. U – English Version
D4. Gales of Song – English Version
D5. Lend Me Your Voice – English Version
D6. A Million Miles Away Part 1 – English Version

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